Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Jihad Candidate

How long would it take Islam and their oil money to find a candidate for President of the United States?

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Steven said...

The people like Rich Carroll cooking up this fear mongering jihad candidate trash deserve the worst repercussions. First of all you are probably the same hypocrites who criticized Obama's Christian Rev. Wright of over 30 years and called Obama a racist because of what someone else said. WHAT PART ABOUT CHRISTIAN REVEREND DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? Look at his wife Michelle as well. She has been a Christian her entire life. Every know a long time married couple with one being a Christian and the other a Muslim? Once again people are resorting to being isolated religious morons just as the Puritan's from America's birth and the Catholic's with their Crusades of old. Learn from history and stop repeating and spreading this idiocy. Islam is the 2nd largest religion and fastest growing in the world. One reason why is because of persecuting imbeciles who speak, write and send e-mails like this. It is only a small fraction that make up the Islamic fanatics/terrorists. If you are going to label it as evil or your enemy then know thy enemy as your brother before spreading things that show a complete lack of understanding about Islam.

The lesson history already taught us, over and over: People fear what they don't understand, or what is different. That fear moves in tandem with the arrogant superiority that comes from the notion of possessing the exclusive "truth." This volatile mixture of fearful ignorance and righteous certitude allows one group to demonize and dehumanize another. And once you have accomplished that, it is much easier to hang people as heretics, keep them as slaves, lynch because of skin color, beat your wife and children, burn them at the stake or in ovens and fly jetliners into buildings. Ref: "America's Hidden History." You are on the road to genocide with this kind of mentality and the willingness to spread this absolute crap.

(Republicans: If your against the war then your not a patriot; If you believe it is every persons god given right to have access to healthcare then your a Marxist or Communist; Obama is a secret radical Muslim who is going force us all to worship Allah and read from the Koran because he has a name I can't pronounce an a middle name that's the same as a very bad person. Mommy, I'm scared. JESUS, help save us from this demon!) Under the same principle, everyone with the name Ted should be feared and be considered bad people because of Ted, the unibomber and Ted Bundy the serial killer. Pathetic! Grow up, get some courage and learn something people.

This is the kind of politics that makes people loose faith in their government. It divides us as a nation. "United we stand, divided we fall" This is a very simple, powerful, historic phrase being completely ignored.

The people don't trust either Republicans or Democrats anymore because of immoral tactics like these they have both been guilty of. Republicans have been as of late much more and better at word manipulation, using and abusing religion to their unjust advantage, Advocating anti gay rights yet trying to suck cock in their spare time like Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, Larry Craig, etc. and creating distractions from the real issues that affect you an me like gas prices because the are getting paid by oil and pharmaceutical companies through lobbyists to keep us from being energy independent, healthy and working for less pay and benefits.

It took congress 30 years to force a paltry raise in fuel efficiency to 35 mpg by 2020 which Europe already has and still most the Republicans voted against it. There has to be incentives beyond the price of gas to get us off of relying solely on oil. It takes a 2/3 majority vote in congress for anything to pass. The 2006 elections didn't change the majority enough to get anything done. Republican politicians continue to vote the Bush/Carl Rove line even after a huge majority of the American people sent them a loud and clear message and they still didn't listen. They will be paying for that deafness very soon.

Corporations have also proven that their ethics are based on greed alone. They have failed to do the right thing too many times and need to be policed. They need to be punished if they hire illegal immigrants, taxed if they irresponsibly send jobs overseas, fail to anticipate supply and demand, invest in only one infrastructure, fail to provide basic benefits, etc. They want to send manufacturing jobs overseas because they can employ cheap slave labor and have 10 workers for the price of 1. Then we gladly support it by purchasing the cheapest products sold at Wal-Mart. This job can only be done by an impartial government that debates, compromises and votes not just along party lines. That was how it was designed to work originally. Congressmen need to know once again that if they are bought and sold then they will be back out on the street.

Also wars can only be paid for with taxes. Someone has to pay. Who should pay? Those poor or in the middle class or those who directly benefit from having a war, those who made the decision to do it, or your children and grandchildren who had nothing to do with it. The poor and middle class are too many times uniformed. They bend over and take it because they are too naive or afraid to understand that they don't have to. They repeat what their criminal leaders tell them to say as robots would. Electing George W. Bush the second time around proved this. They don't question authority enough or in the correct way. They trust that they will do the right thing far too much. Even when their trusted leader's credentials end up being one of the worst in the end they don't try to learn from their mistake they instead try to change the topic, dismiss it or ignore it all together. This is dangerous. One must confess to their wrongs before they can ever effectively move on.

This Jihad Candidate desperate, bottom of the barrel filth, is intended to once again get your short attention span off of oil, the economy, jobs, our international perception (which in a global environment needs to be important for global economic stability.)

I'm actually surprised you didn't quote some physic like Nostradamus prediction of Mabus as the third Anti-Christ. Guess what I'll tell you this because it is pretty obvious you will use crap like this to keep people from voting for someone and this will just discredit you more and make you look like some crazy conspiracy theorist. Obama's top advisor is Ray Mabus. A former ambassador to Saudi Arabia under Clinton and Governor in Mississippi. So one could say he is the predicted 3rd antichrist pulling strings waiting in the rear to take control when the time is right. That ought to get you fired up.

Try an ethical even somewhat based in truth argument for once. These old, brainwashing, fear tactics no longer work on the younger generations, or those with even an ounce of common sense. You should concern yourself with getting the right wing out to vote for McCain and trying to present him as even a little more fun, in touch and energized. That is the only way he will win the election. You actually give more votes to Obama by criticizing him in this desperate way. It would be the equivalent to criticizing McCain because of his age which I don't believe to be an issue but would be more so than someones different and scary name.


Rich Carroll said...

pssst...Jeremiah Wright has a Ph.D. in Islamic studies. As for Barack Hussein Obama's past and communist and muslim friends, they can be verified at any major newspaper office.

Truth bites doesn't it?



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