Monday, September 22, 2008

No Terrorist Attacks for 7 years..Not an Accident!

There have no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil for 7 years and many people will not give Bush credit for this. Bush and his "terrible" administration have been reponsible for keeping the U.S. safe. If Clinton had gotten rid of Bin Laden while he was President, the attacks probably wouldn't have taken place on September 11.

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Blue Lion said...

How do you think McCain will fare on the following?

America faces:
historic debt,
multiple war fronts,
stumbling health care,
a weakened dollar,
all-time high prison population, skyrocketing Federal spending, mortgage crises, and
bank foreclosures.

Point by point, how do you expect McCain to fare?

1) Historic debt -- do you expect him to bail us out, or add to the debt?

2) Multiple war fronts: Do you hope for "100 years" more of war, as he does?

3) Stumbling health care: What does McCain offer the average, non-wealthy American?

4) A weakened dollar: Conservatives everywhere cringed when McCain claimed our economy was fundamentally sound on the Monday everything crashed. He's backpedalling now, but what, in reality, do you expect him to do about the dollar?

5) Prison population: With conservative U.S. Senators and Representatives going to trial and facing possible prison, how do you think McCain will react?

6) Federal spending: Will McCain really tighten the belt? All while continuing the war spending? What do you think?

7) Mortgage crises: Will he really help the average joe, or only help the big businesses out of their hole?

8) Bank foreclosures: Does putting the bill on the U.S. taxpayers appeal to you?

With America facing these things -- none of which they faced eight years ago -- we're going to hell in a handbasket without any help from terrorists.

Final question (Be sure you can answer the others first): Why are you so sure Obama will not continue our safety policies, while helping us with the problems McCain is more than likely to continue?


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