Friday, October 24, 2008

Conservatives on DIGG

For some time now, I have been thinking about why conservative DIGGs don't (extremely rare) hit the front page and how to change that. It is not like there are not enough of us on DIGG. Just take a look at this DIGG - 2394 Diggs - - Opinion: Obama's 95% Illusion. It is not like we haven't tried to organize. Just check out these DIGGs:

I even have them in my Favorites so others can easily find them. There have also been attempts at informing us where to get good material from. See these DIGG that are also favorites of mine:
Great stuff, but it is not getting the job done. I have even toyed with RSS feeds, merging of RSS feeds, DIGG's Firefox plug-in, Google gadgets, and many other things. All of them resulted failure. All of them with the same problem. The problem is that there are too many Conservative DIGGers DIGGing too many articles from too many sources. It is like we are using a rock salt shotgun against and army. On top of that, the really good DIGG articles get lost and once found, they are too old to get to the front page. As what has been said many times, anything older than 24 hours will never make the front page. What we need is something more like shooting fish in a barrel. I believe I have found exactly that. The site is called NEWFIGHT! This site is doing what we need. I do not know how it works, but this site gathers Conservatives DIGGs puts them in one of three lists (New Stories, Upcoming, Popular) by age. The only part of the recipe needed is to get Conservative DIGGers to use the lists to DIGG stories. Basically, if we concentrate our DIGGing power on the DIGGs listed here, Conservatives DIGGs will make the front page on a more regular basis.

There is a catch. This site does the same thing for the Liberal side of the DIGGsphere. However, with their numbers, they carpet bomb DIGG already and are successful so I don't think this would help them succeed any more.

A couple more things to note.
  • The site also lists top newfighting DIGGers. I have befriended all of them.
  • The site does load up slowly for me. This may be just my set up.
  • This site reduces the need to send Shouts. Supposedly, the fewer shouts a DIGG gets the easier it is to get to the front page.
  • Best of all, it is not a script built into your browser so you can't get banned for using a script.
We may not outnumber the Liberals on DIGG, but we sure can outsmart them.


ZZ Staff said...

Interesting article. We added your site to our bloglink list.

You might want to consider a reciprocal link. If you are interested consider this an invitation to our webring as well. Here is an invite:

The authors and moderators at ZardozZ News & Satire search the web daily for interesting feed content and we came across your site today. Since your material is both interesting and aligned with our readership, we would like to invite you to add your site's URL to our free open webring (200+ members strong). If you are interested, you can find further information at the ZZ OpenRing. This is not meant as spam but as a sincere invitation. Hope you'll join us...!
--- ZZ N&S Staff

Also... we have a sister site Spyglass Chronicles that has feeds of all the conservative mutual friends of ZZ News and Satire listed under Digg user ugotz2.

DD877 said...

Sheila noya Just posted a McCain Hit piece on the Conservative side She is not a conservative


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